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Celebrating over three decades of tradition and culinary passion in Malečnik, Crni Baron seamlessly blends the warmth of Slovenian hospitality with gourmet excellence. Renowned for our crispy, well-topped pizzas and local delicacies, we offer a taste of home in every dish. Our welcoming motel, surrounded by natural beauty, features cozy rooms, a serene environment, and a playful children's area with a mini-zoo, making it perfect for family getaways and culinary explorations.

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Memorable Moments: Our Recent Events

Crni Baron Event
We are delighted that our small church in Malečnik has been elevated to the status of a basilica.
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Crni Baron Event
Today, we had the pleasure of experiencing the presence of authentic vintage cars. We thoroughly enjoyed the event and are very proud of it.
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Crni Baron Sustainability

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We proudly hold the Green Key certification, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices. This prestigious eco-label means we meet strict criteria set by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Our sustainable practices include reducing waste, conserving resources, prioritizing locally-sourced ingredients, and continuously improving our sustainability efforts through regular evaluations and updates. By choosing our establishment, you are contributing to environmental protection. Learn more about the Green Key program and join us in our sustainable journey.

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